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We provide accurate and timely court reporting services using the best technology available.

"Realtime" refers to the process whereby a Court Reporter writing in realtime on their notebook computer outputs an electronic version to client computers running realtime receive software. We offer the free program Bridge to those who prefer a simple and free product for realtime. It requires no licensing, simply a registration with Advantage Software, and is available at: http://www.eclipsecat.com/?q=node/2167. This link also provides a brief history of realtime.

Whether you use Summation, LiveNote, CaseView, or the free realtime program Bridge, we can connect via cable or wireless to your preloaded computer. Due to licensing restrictions with Summation, LiveNote, and CaseView, be sure you have a licensed version running on your computer prior to the deposition or arbitration proceedings. Check with your IT department to make sure you have an available serial port or Bluetooth serial port for cable connection or your wireless allows you to connect with other computers for wireless connection.

We can also provide computers with Bridge preloaded for your use during depositions for an additional charge. If your licensing allows it, we can also preload Summation or LiveNote for use on our computer. We'll need 48 hours advance notice and contact information for your IT department to do so.

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